Dream, Believe, Read

Dream, Believe, Read is an independent, Manchester based company wanting to promote, help and raise awareness for mental health in children. Leanne’s idea for the company is to use her knowledge of literature to write children’s books based on mental health issues in children. Leanne wants to bring these books to schools, parents and organisations to help promote mental health in children.

Our Awards

Monster Mountain: Quirky, Uplifting New Children’s Book Series a Gentle Introduction to Mental Health Issues

Leanne Brown’s ‘Monster Mountain’ series is an empowering and enchanting opportunity for young readers to join the adventures of Daniel. When Daniel goes to sleep, he’s transported to the magical Monster Mountain where he not only meets a colourful cast of characters, but learns about the mental health issues they struggle with. It’s a topic and conversation that is well overdue, and Brown hopes to help thousands of young children around the world better care for their mental wellbeing.


Tanya – Primary Teaching Assistant SEMH special school

This warm, imaginative book has a clear message that everyone is different and that it’s ok to be unique. Daniels dream is instantly appealing as you can really relate to how Daniel is feeling. It is explained in a way that children can understand describing his feeling as butterfly’s in his tummy. Daniel’s dream takes you on an uplifting adventure with wonderfully expressive descriptions of the characters perfectly capturing body language and gestures enabling young readers to understand how the characters are feeling throughout the book. Simple text effectively describes mental heath and guides children to explore different techniques and coping strategies. Daniels Dream can be used in a classroom environment to prompt discussions about how everyone is different and how to treat and help others. It is sure to help young people develop important skills of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Michael – Parent

"A heart-warming story about overcoming fears with a message of sharing problems and worries and not going through things alone."

Anna – Parent

"Whilst my son was going to sleep, I could hear him breathing in and out. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was trying to calm down and breathing in and out whilst counting to 10. I said very good, who taught you that? He said he got it from Daniel's Dream."

S J HUDSON – Children’s Author

"This story is beautifully written and provides a platform for older primary school children to discuss any worries or fears that they may have.

It promotes confiding in a trusted figure, or a group of friends with a worry and being able to overcome it together. A perfect example of ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

Daniel’s story is inspiring and encouraging, it allows children to explore their own mental well-being in an appropriate manner, a story which most definitely deserves a spot on your child’s bookshelf!"


I loved this book because it was very funny and informative. I would recommend this book because it is amazing and funny.


I like this book because it was funny, happy, and silly. My favourite character was Daniel because he always tells people the best way to deal with butterflies. I would recommend it because it is about dreams.

Ethan – Aged 8

I like this book because it is funny and good. My favourite character is the monster who got up and Daniel I would recommend this book.  

Sam – Aged 9 

I like it because it makes you get over your fear. It was very funny and kind. It was very good because it has kind people and friends. Yes, to my family and friends because it will make you get over your fears.

Erin – Aged 9

I liked it because it had good detail and descriptions of the monsters. My favourite character is Shadow and Shelley. I would recommend this because it is a good book. I would recommend it to my friends.  

Max – Aged 8

I really liked Daniel’s Dream because it was funny. It actually helps you if you have butterflies. Yes I would recommend this book to my friends because it was funny with some of the characters.  

Evie – Aged 8

I enjoyed this book because it was loving but a funny story, that you can share with everyone. It is a book that will help you to breathe and think. I would recommend this book to 4-12-year olds.  

Elaina – Aged 8

A very good book which had a lot of parts I liked. My favourite part was when Daniel found his confidence because I sometimes feel nervous too but, I still manage to do it. I would recommend it to children aged 5-7 because it would help them be confident, while also being able to enjoy the book.  

Ruth Gerrard

I really enjoyed how this text made issues like anxiety, nerves, and stress approachable topics of conversation.  As I was reading it, I could see children nodding their heads and identifying with the feelings of Daniel and some of the other characters.  It prompted strong class discussion about emotions, friendship, and a growth mind-set.  With humour and some lovely artwork, it’s a good book for opening discussion and prompting children to reflect on their own emotions as well as those of others around them.   I think we can all identify with Daniel and think about the words we use to encourage others around us to do something, even if it’s something we find hard.  Having the book split into chapters allows for pauses to discuss poignant moments and to really put yourself in Daniel’s position.  It would work for Guided Reading or as a class novel.  Who knows where Daniel’s dreams might take him next?

Year 4 teacher

Paul Hill

From a therapeutic perspective it touches a lot of areas – self-acceptance, acceptance of others courage to disclose, negative beliefs about self-internal and external support, encouragement, anxiety and so many other aspects.  An enjoyable fruitful tale about sharing fears, embracing friendship, recognising, and celebrating difference, commonality and valuing one’s unique self.

Counsellor and Therapist

Claire McDonald

In my profession, it is hard to find a book that is based around a KS2 age range. Daniel’s Dream is perfect for reading to older primary pupils, letting them listen to the way Daniel is feeling and having those discussions around children’s mental health. Understanding that those feelings are valid and most important, that those feelings are normal. I think Leanne has captured that beautifully within her story. I look forward to reading Daniel’s next dream.

Family intervention coordinator

Let's Talk About Mental Health

Mental health is so topical, and we see it on the rise regularly. It is through my job, that I have seen how many children suffer with mental health illnesses. I, too, am a sufferer and understand how difficult it can be to explain to people what it feels like. It is so difficult to explain how you feel when no one can see how you are suffering. So, I felt this must be even worse for children. They often can’t articulate exactly what they feel and more importantly, why they feel that way. Often leaving them feeling alone, isolated, and as if they are the only ones. I wanted my book to be a message to all children that they are not alone; that many of us, children and adults alike, are having to deal with different mental illnesses and that it is ok, not to be ok. That people are here to help them, listen to them and help them overcome their illness. I think it is so important that everyone realises mental illness is just as important and as serious as a physical illness. The saying that ‘no one knows the battle someone else is facing’ rings true. I wanted children to read my book and know that there are strategies to help them, that talking is important and to trust people they can rely on to help them. If my book does this for one child, then I have already achieved everything I wanted to. I hope a child reads my book and smiles.

The Author

Leanne Brown, the author of Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain, lives is Greater Manchester, England with her partner Steve and her young daughter, Erin.

Leanne is a qualified secondary English teacher, who has specialised in special educational needs, and is now focusing on writing children’s books based on mental health issues that arise in children. Mental health is something that Leanne is passionate about and hopes her books will help young children everywhere.

When not writing, Leanne likes to spend time with her family. She loves to read, colour, watch a good series or film, go swimming, enjoy a meal out and spending quality time with her daughter and partner.